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Our quarterly newsletter for child passenger safety (CPS) technicians and advocates throughout Arkansas provides the latest news, recall information, CPS information, and calendar complete with training dates. Program successes and suggestions are welcome. As of 2013, the Arkansas CPS Tech Update newsletter merged with the Injury Prevention Center newsletter.

Child Passenger Safety Community Programs

Let us know about events in your community to share in our quarterly newsletter. Please contact us for ideas on child passenger safety programs you can offer your community.

Materials and Handouts

  • CPS Overview Presentation
  • Car Seats Fact Sheet
  • Booster Seats Fact Sheet
  • Fact or Fiction
  • Incorrect and Correct Installation
  • Websites

    American Academy of Pediatrics
    Child-related topics, AAP polices, and more

    Arkansas Children's Hospital
    Child Passenger Safety information

    Child Passenger Safety List

    The CPSPList is a free list of technicians, instructors, CPS advocates, manufacturers of child safety seats and automobiles, government agencies, etc. This online list is especially helpful when you need the answer to a question quickly. To subscribe, simply send an email to This will subscribe you to the individual post mailing. To use the advanced features, you will need a Yahoo ID, as described in your acceptance email.

    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
    Comprehensive information available on child passenger safety with installation videos available to view

    Injury Free Coalition for Kids
    Information promoting childhood injury prevention through safe communities

    Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
    Researches and issues reports on vehicle and occupant safety topics

    National Child Passenger Safety Board
    Policy making body for the Standardized CPS Training Course. The Board's Technical Update provides current information on CPS issues and online CEU opportunities for recertification.

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    Information on a wide range of traffic related topics. Free videos, posters, brochures, and other materials can be ordered in the Safety Materials sections.

    Safe Kids Worldwide (Certification)
    Certification Course policies, procedures and instructions, online profile page

    Safe Kids Worldwide
    Injury prevention materials on many topics

    Safe Ride News
    Bi-monthly publication for subscribers providing information on traffic related issues. Child passenger safety articles on topics such as vehicles (school buses, ambulances, vans), professionals (healthcare, child care, etc.), and other issues (wheelchairs, specials needs), etc.

    SafetyBeltSafe USA
    Excellent source of child passenger safety information, including outstanding recall list. The site has information sheets that can be printed and distributed free of charge to parents.