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Arkansas Law

Primary Law—Children

The Child Passenger Protection Act

27-34-104 - Every driver of a motor vehicle who transports a child under fifteen (15) years of age, shall while the vehicle is in motion and operated ona public road, street, or highway, properly place, maintain, and secure the child in a child passenger restraint system properly secured to the vehicle and meeting applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards.

A child who is less than six (6) years of age and who weighs less than sixty pounds (60 lbs)shall be restrained in a child passenger safety seat properly secured to the vehicle.

If a child is at least six (6) years of age or at least sixty pounds (60 lbs) in weight, a safety belt properly secured to the vehicle shall be sufficient.

Protection from Secondhand Smoke for Children Act

20-27-1903 - Tobacco use — Prohibitions.
Effective July 21, 2011, smoking is prohibited in any motor vehicle with a child passenger who is less than fourteen (14) years of age.

Primary Law—Adults

27-37-702 - Each driver and front seat passenger in any motor vehicle shall wear a properly adjusted and fastened seat belt. (Does not apply to automobiles manufactured before January 1, 1972) (Exceptions to this rule are a medical condition certified by a physician that contradicts the use of a seat belt, and U.S.P.S. drivers)

"Motor vehicle" means any motor vehicle, except a school bus, church bus, and other public conveyance, which is required by federal law or regulation to be equipped with a passenger restraint system.

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