About Us

Who we are...

Young girl in a car seat.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences' Child Passenger Safety Education Program (CPSE), funded with a grant from the Highway Safety Office at the Arkansas State Police, strives to reduce motor vehicle injury to children.

Strategies to achieve this goal include:

  • Public awareness
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Training
  • Evidence-based interventions to change behavior within targeted populations at high risk for motor vehicle injury

The CPSE Program is housed at the Injury Prevention Center at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

What we do...

Learn how to install a car seat properly.

The mission of the UAMS CPSE Program is to reduce preventable death and injuries to children from motor vehicle crashes by educating public service providers, healthcare professionals, childcare providers and parents on the correct installation of child safety seats and by increasing the number of NHTSA Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians throughout Arkansas.

How we do it...

A CPST inspects a carseat.
  1. Educate the public on all aspects of child passenger safety with training that is targeted to public service providers, childcare and health care professionals
  2. Loan child safety seats to low-income families through fitting stations located throughout the state staffed by trained Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians
  3. Conduct and support child safety seat checkups in communities throughout Arkansas
  4. Provide educational literature on the correct selection and installation of child safety seats
  5. Support Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians through continuing education and supporting activities